We were here – 2015.10.03. Nailympia London

Nailympia 2015 was a very special event for me in many ways. In one hand I have participated in my new home’s color. This was a very strange feeling, but I was also very proud to compete for Norway. In the other hand the preparation had been very difficult. I didn’t have too much time for it, because of the move.

Moreover my hand models were in Hungary, so I have had travel back and forth between Hungary and Norway many times. Hopefully I have found some brave volunteers in Norway who gave their hands, so I had a chance to practice a bit. This time the hardest thing was that I have known my husband can’t come with me and I have to solve this challenge alone. Who knows me knows I’m very precise when I prepare to a competition. I do a detailed check list every time, plan almost every small pieces, arrive in time.

This time I was very excited, because couldn’t travel with my models, they brought a part of my equipments from Hungary, but finally everything was right. We meet in the hotel at Thursday night and were perfectly prepared to the big days. I haven’t competed in a team competition before, but in this year we had a chance to make a team with Linn and Madelene, later Michaela, Anamaija and Melinda joined to us and we have founded The Dream Team. In this team I have met 5 nice, lovely girls whom we can compete together not against each other. It was a very good feeling, thank you girls.

Nailympia 2015 has been finished with gladness and a huge surprise for me. In master category (division 3) I have achieved gold medals in Stiletto and in L&P tip overlay, silver medals in L&P sculpturing and Gel tip overlay, a bronze medal in Reality and a 4th place in Gel sculpturing. For the last one I’m a bit disappointed because in my opinion it has done well, but finally this was my first try in Gel sculpturing category, so it was not a bad result. I know that hard to believe, but I have never competed in Gel sculpturing category before. Members of The Dream Team have achieved very good places. For example in Gel tip overlay category all medals came to us, It was not a big surprise that we won the Team category. Well done, good job girls!

The final category (Winner of Winners) has held a huge surprise… for me particularly. In this category points are summarized from other categories and who achieve the highest point she gets the big cup. I was sure that Madelene wins who had more gold medals than me. I was a bit sad, but rather happy because I knew the cup goes a good place. Stays in the team and Madelene is a very talented girl who deserves it. And after that… I have heard my name. I haven’t believed that at all. I went to the stage like a drunk, I couldn’t realize that I’m the Winner of Winners. I nearly riped out the cup from Alex’s hands (I will post a video from that moment, it is very funny :-D).

I’m very proud that get the Winner of Winners cup 3 times. I would like to thank you the opportunity for Reni Mobrandt and Nail Systems Open where I have qualified myself to this competition.

Thank you for the Perfect Nails for their support and their world class products. Without them It wasn’t be a success. Big hug to David Fowler, who is a fantastic trainer and a fantastic man! Thank for my models, I couldn’t reach it without your help: Avrora Lozanova, Feride Arifova, Drabant Fruzsina,Judit Eszterhai, Katrina, Maya Abbedissen, Nikoletta Bella, Nina Raycheva-Hasan, Noémi Juhász, Veronica, Eliádesz Szalai Zsuzsanna.

Of course big thanks to my competition models, Laura Lukács and Andrea Kara for theirs bravery, patience, promising words and their hard work.

Anybody says anything it is a huge teamwork. Congratulation to all competitors, to Alex Fox and Janine Derbyshire who have enough enthusiasm to organize this competition year by year.

Love to members of The Dream Team. It was very good to be and compete with you! Anamarija Saric, Linn Kristin, Madelene Wolf, Foor Melinda, Micaela Wallgren We are the Dream Team!

Last but not least thank you for my husband who has been keeping my spirits up always.