Nails Permanent lac Manicure Lash extension Makeup

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Artificial Nails – base prices
Sculpted nails – acrylic 8 700Ft
Sculpted nails – gel 9 700Ft
Natural nail strengthen – gel or acrylic 7 500Ft
Refill gel or acrylic 7 800Ft
Additional options – up to base price
French style 4 000Ft
Babyboomer – french ombre 4 900Ft
Nailbed extension – acrylic 3 000Ft
Nailbed extention with filed smileline – gel 4 000Ft
Cover with one color gel 3 500Ft
Ombre built-in 2 colors – whole surface 4 900Ft
Ombre built-in 2 colors – french 5 300Ft
Cover with one color acrylic 4 000Ft
Refill – one color with acrylic 3 000Ft
Remove gel/acrylic nails 4 500Ft
Remove gel/acrylic nails + manicure 6 000Ft
Remove gel/acrylic nails + manicure + color nailpolish 7 000Ft
Nail art with acrylic, gel, acrylic paint, aquarelle 200-1000Ft/pc
Nail art with opal stones from 200Ft
Nail art with chrome powder 400Ft/pc, 2 800Ft/10pcs
Nail art with stamping 200-500Ft/pc
Crystals – swarovski – normal size 70Ft/pc
Crystals – extra – normal size 100Ft/pc
Swarovski pixie 200-1000Ft/pc
Extra length +10-50%
Extra bad condition +10-30%
Special shapes
Gothic almond, Pipe shapes +30%
Stiletto +40%
Russian almond shapes +50%
Edge +80%
Permanent lac
Permanent lac – new 6 200Ft
Permanent lac – change color 7 500Ft
Permanent lac – french style +2 000Ft
Ombre – vertical fading 400Ft/pc, 2 000Ft/10pcs
Ombre – horizontal fading 200Ft/pc, 2 000Ft/10pcs
Remove permanent lac 3 500Ft
Remove permanent lac + mini manicure 5 000Ft
Remove permanent lac + mini manicure + color nail polish 6 000Ft
Correction with paper form 300Ft/pc
Correction with fiberglass 50Ft/pc
Manicure 4 500Ft
Manicure + color nailpolish 6 000Ft
Manicure + french nailpolish 7 000Ft
Lash extension
New set 1D lashes  – Natural style 13 000Ft
New set 2D  lashes – Double style 16 000Ft
New set 3-4D  lashes – Light volume 19 000Ft
New set 5-6D  lashes – Volume 23 000Ft
Refill 1D lashes  within 20 days 7 000Ft
Refill 1D lashes  from 21th day 10 000Ft
Refill 1D lashes  from 28th day 12 000Ft
Refill 2D lashes  within 20 days 10 000Ft
Refill 2D lashes  from 21th day 13 000Ft
Refill 2D lashes  from 28th day 15 000Ft
Refill 3-4D lashes  within 20 days 12 000Ft
Refill 3-4D lashes  from 21th day 15 000Ft
Refill 3-4D lashes  from 28th day 18 000Ft
Refill 5-6D lashes  within 20 days 15 000Ft
Refill 5-6D lashes  from 21th day 18 000Ft
Refill 5-6D lashes  from 28th day 22 000Ft
Remove lash extensions 3 500Ft
** Lash extension refill price after 34 days is the same than the new set price.
Natural beauty makeup /soft daily makeup/ 5 000Ft
Beauty makeup /stronger daily makeup/ 6 000Ft
Casual makeup /strong, visible makeup/ 7 000Ft
Prom, graduation makeup /for students/ 5 000Ft
False lashes /1 day lasting/ 2 000Ft
Bridal makeup
Bridal makeup – trial 7 000Ft
Bridal makeup – on the Big day 10 000Ft
Bridesmaid, guest makeup 5-6 000Ft
Bridesgroom’s mother makeup 4-5 000Ft
False lashes /1 day lasting/ 1 500Ft
Travel cost within  Budapesten 3-6 000Ft
Travel cost outside  Budapesten By discussion

Help for nail pricelist
For example: Sculpted french nail extension with nailbed extension: 8 700+3 000+4 000=15 700Ft
Refill with one color on top: 7 800+3 500=11 300Ft
Removing old nails and new sculpted babyboomer nails: 4 500+8 700+4 900=18 100Ft

Prises depend on the quantity of used material.
Prices are in Hungarian Forint and gross prices.

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