Education – Private course

If you are interested in private courses, there is possibility for it. Private courses are for educated naildesigners who want to extend their skills and learn about new techniques, products or make tha base knowledge more stable.

What are advantages of private course?

  • you can choose (within certain limits) the topic, in this way you learn exactly what you want, there is no unnecessary repetition and no level jump what pulls you back
  • we can move on to your level of knowledge, you don’t have to wait for anyone and you don’t feel that you have to work too fast and the time is not enough
  • you are the only participant of the training, than you can get full attention and help
  • any question you may have, you do not have to worry about what others think about you
  • you can learn the perfect day and schedule
  • i provide every product for practice – if you would like to use your own products, there is no obstacle
  • private course is basically in Budapest in my studio, but if you want another location, it can also be solved

If you would like to participate in private course, please, write me in email to

To speed up the process of coordination:

  • write me which kind of course you are interested in and approximately when
  • write me some sentences about your nail experience, so i can easily and quickly define your level of knowledge and exactly set up the topics