Hand model

I am looking for hand models!

Why is it good for you?
Because you don’t need to pay for nice nails.


What are the conditions?

Very important :

 Hand model

  • your nailbeds (only the rose area) are long and paralell shape (pinkie at least 12 mm, middle at least 14mm) – there is a small help on the photo how to measure them
  • your fingers are thing and straight
  • there are no injuries on your hand
  • there are no tattoes on your hand and arm
  • your cuticles are not bited
  • there are no wart, fungal or any infection on your hand and arm
  • your hand is not cold, wet, sweaty

It is important also that you must be patient because these occasiont can take 3-4-5 hours and you agree that the length, shape and style of the nails depend the task of the competition or the theme of the photoshooting – when we finish i can make them shorter and change a bit the shape if you wish.
Finally you must contribute to make photos of your hand what i can use anywhere.

If you think you meet with these conditions, please send me some photos of your nails to my email:  eva.darabos@mukormos.hu

Your nails must be free of nail polish because the shape and length of your rose nailbed must be visible.
Take a close and sharp photo about your nails and one more a bit far where i can see your fingers and whole hands.
Measure please your nailbed (check the photo how to measure them) and write your phone number.