Darabos Évi Nail Studio

Darabos Évi Körömszalon

Budapest 1066, Jókai utca 7.
(postal address: Teréz krt 32).

Opening hours: Mo-Fri: 8-20, Sat: 9-15 – after booking

Mobile: +3630-284-1444






Booking appointment is acceptable if you are more than 18 years old. Between 16 and 18 years can book appointment if your guardian presents during the whole service.



Dear Clients!

I know that unexpected events can come, what couse you cannot show up for your booked appointment but in this case please, let me know and notice me in sms or a phone call. In this case i can offer your appointment to another customer who will be very greatful to come.

I can book appointment with the following conditions:

  • When i offer an appointment, i calculate duration regarding the desired service. If you are late, i cannot guarantee that you get the treatment what you have booked, i can ensure service for the remaining time.
  • You can cancel or modify your appointment 24 hours before. If you do not come to your booked appointment you have to pay the full price of your booked appointment, if you cancel/modify it within 24 hours, you have to pay the half price of your booked appointment – in the case of cancellation/modification within 12 hours, this price changes to full price.
  • In some cases i ask deposit for booking. If you cancel your  24 hours before your appointment, than deposit is not refundable but you can use it for your next booking. If you don’t cancel your booked appointment or cancel/modify it within 24 hours before, than deposit is not refundable, cannot be used for next booking and you have to pay the full price of your booked appointment.


If you don’t agree with this conditons, than if i have free appointment, you can drop-in but i cannot book appointment for you.

Thanks for your understanding!